Largest player in Pakistan’s amusement, recreation and F&B industry.

About Us

We thrive on spreading joy & creating happy memories for our guests.

We take pride in bringing unparalleled recreational & dining experiences to our country. Some of the iconic attractions being operated by A-Cube include Dino Valley, Ayubia Chairlift, Monal restaurants, M-1 Traxx, Asian Wok restaurants, Monal Fusion Food Mall and Monal Marquees.

Following are some of our iconic achievements:

  • Dino Valley is the largest & first of its kind interactive animatronic Dinosaur theme park in Pakistan.
  • ⁠Under our Monal, AsianWok & Monal Fusion brands we operate the largest chain of restaurants in Pakistan.
  • ⁠We run the first & only privately operated chairlift in Pakistan.
  • We cater to over 8 million customers annually which puts us almost as per with the number of people visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida or even Disneyland in Paris.


Our diverse presence across Pakistan:

Serving Excellence with a workforce of 3200+ Men and Women

Diversity in geographical coverage.

  • From East (Lahore) to West (Peshawar) and to the picturesque North (Ayubia & Murree), our projects fall within immediate vicinity of over 20 million people.

Diversity in scope of offerings.

  • From traditional local cuisine to serving the best sushi in town.
  • From celebrating your child’s first birthday at Dino Valley to hosting their marriage at Monal Marquee.

Diversity at work.

  • We are an equal opportunity employer & we actively promote women participation in the workforce.


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Who are we

Founding Members

About 1


Ali Abbas Syed has over 21 years of Business Development and Management experience. His expertise lies in trade and structured finance. He has successfully negotiated and restructured business operations with Governments, Banks and Financial Institutions in the US, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, the GCC and Pakistan in his role as the Managing Director at Cargill Inc ( He holds an MPA / ID from the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School, and an MSc in Economics from Oxford University.

About 1


Luqman Ali Afzal has 23 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has led the way by pioneering unique dining and recreational experiences that have become landmarks in Pakistan. His expertise lies in developing and managing specialized teams that are committed to creating an unparalleled customer experience. His contributions to the country's hospitality ecosystem have been recognised by the Presidential Pride of Performance that he was awarded for entreprenurship in 2019, and the the Presidential Pride for Excellence in Hospitality Services that he was awarded on the recommendation of the ICCI in 2021.



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Hassaan Butt - Group CEO

Hassaan Butt, as Group CEO, plays a pivotal role in setting the organization's strategic priorities and overseeing its operational success. His experience in top positions at Multinationals like Coca Cola and Mobilink has brought much value to the team and his guidance enables department heads to achieve short, mid, and long-term goals effectively. He makes high-level decisions for company operations and supports departments, leading and guiding the executive leadership and management team in light of the goals and vision of The founder and the Chairman. Additionally, he restructures and reorganizes as needed to align with the company's strategic priorities and future expansion. Hassaan also builds and maintains relationships with stakeholders, investors, and partners, assuming ultimate responsibility for the company's financial and operational success.

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Furqan Tahir - Deputy CFO

Furqan Tahir is an accomplished financial executive serving as the Deputy CFO, where he is pivotal in steering the financial operations and ensuring the fiscal health of the organization. With a robust background in finance, Furqan excels in developing and implementing effective financial strategies, overseeing budget management, and ensuring precise financial reporting and analysis. In his capacity as Deputy CFO, Furqan works in close collaboration with the Chairman and Group CEO, ensuring that all financial activities are in compliance with regulatory standards while optimizing overall financial performance. His comprehensive responsibilities include monitoring financial risks, managing investment in new projects, and providing strategic financial insights to support informed decision-making.

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Col Syed Ahmed Bukhari - Head of Legal & Government Affairs

Col. Syed Ahmed Bukhari, as Head Legal and Government Affairs, oversees and ensures the efficient functioning of legal operations. He implements and manages policies and procedures to enhance productivity and maintain a well-organized work environment. His responsibilities include coordinating with various Government departments and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With a strong focus on operational excellence, Col. Bukhari also handles crisis management, facility management, and security protocols, while fostering a collaborative work culture.

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Zaid Asad- Chief Commercial Officer - Asian Wok

Zaid Asad, is spearheading the commercial strategy and growth initiatives of the organization. With a wealth of experience in the food and hospitality industry, Zaid Asad leads efforts to enhance revenue generation, expand market presence, and strengthen customer engagement strategies. His strategic vision and business acumen contribute to Asian Wok's success in delivering exceptional dining experiences and expanding its footprint in the culinary landscape. Zaid Asad's leadership ensures that Asian Wok continues to innovate and excel as a premier destination for Asian cuisine, catering to diverse customer preferences and exceeding expectations in Hospitality excellence.

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Tahir Munir – Head of Procurements

Tahir Munir leads initiatives to streamline procurement, enhance inventory management, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services. His strategic vision and meticulous approach to supply and demand management contribute significantly to operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Tahir Munir's leadership is instrumental in maintaining seamless coordination between suppliers and internal stakeholders, supporting our commitment to delivering excellence across our supply chain network.

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Col Safdar Ali Shah - Head of Customer Services

As a senior general manager, external audit (operations), and Head of Customer services he is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by assessing their needs and preferences and making them available for enhanced customer experience for converting their moments into memories. He is managing customer complaints and resolving their issues with dedication and professionalism. As an advisor to the CEO and the chairman, suggests measures required to be taken for customer's convenience and improved experience.

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Muhammad Shahid Hamid - Head of Internal Audit

Muhammad Shahid Hamid serves as the Head of Internal Audit, ensuring our organization’s operations are conducted with the utmost accuracy and compliance. With a keen eye for detail, Mr. Muhammad Shahid orchestrates comprehensive audit processes and procedures to identify and mitigate potential risks, identify and address the control deviations, promoting the efficiency of the operational processes, promoting a culture of transparency and accountability within our financial framework.

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Shakeel Akram : Head of Finance

Shakeel Akram plays a key role in maintaining financial stability and integrity. His dedication to optimizing financial performance and implementing sound financial policies underscores his commitment to supporting the organization's objectives.

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Mazhar Allahyar – Head of Operations Dino Valley

Mazhar Allahyar, as Head of Operations at Dino Valley, is one of our most esteemed resources, leading the theme park with his hands-on approach. Managing an unprecedented theme park requires exceptional leadership skills, and Mazhar has consistently demonstrated these qualities, making Dino Valley a success story in itself.

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Saleem Ghauri – Head of Operations Monal – Pir Suhawa

Overseeing all aspects of operations at one of the region's most prestigious dining establishments. With a wealth of experience and a passion for hospitality, Saleem Ghauri leads a dedicated team in ensuring that every guest enjoys an unforgettable experience. Under his leadership, Monal continues to uphold its reputation as a hallmark of culinary excellence and exceptional hospitality in the region.

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Altaf Hussain - Head of Operations Monal Square

Altaf Hussain brings extensive expertise in hospitality management to his role as Head of Operations at The Monal. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, he oversees all facets of operational efficiency, ensuring seamless service delivery and exceptional guest experiences at this renowned dining destination.